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PS199 Diversity Committee

Mission Statement
The Diversity Committee’s mission is to celebrate diversity, nurture respect and acceptance, and challenge assumptions—in our school community and in the world. We broadly define diversity to encompass differences in culture, race, religion, language, learning styles, physical and mental abilities, political beliefs, gender, sexual orientation, and socioeconomics, among others. We aim to reach out to the entire school community, and promote awareness, discussion, and positive actions, through programs for adults, families, and children.

Recent Diversity Committee programs have included international festivals with food, performing arts, interactive workshops, fashion and other cultural highlights of different regions around the world; roundtable discussions on books, films and topics of relevance to our school community; an annual holiday celebration for students in the self-contained classrooms; and dance and music performances with on-stage workshops for students and parents. The committee also participates in events like the annual school holiday party and has produced an online, student-created book on kindness.