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Can I just show the safety agent my ID? Does the safety agent swipe me in?

You must swipe in and out when you come to the school. You cannot just show the safety agent your ID. It is the parent’s responsibility to physically swipe his/her own ID card in and out. The safety agent will not swipe your card for you.

Do I have to actually wear the lanyard and ID around my neck when I am in the school or can I just put it in my pocket or bag?

YES, you must WEAR your lanyard and ID while in the school. You should NOT put the card in your pocket or back in your bag after swiping in. Wear it around your neck so it is visible to teachers and staff. There are over 800 children and over 1200 parents at PS199. We cannot expect all the teachers and staff to recognize each parent/guardian. The lanyard and ID are an obvious identifier.

Do I need my ID for drop off and pick up?

No, you do not. ID cards are ONLY used for entry into the school building.

What if I forget my ID card and lanyard at home?

If you forget your ID and lanyard at home, the safety agent will ask you for another form of photo ID. That ID will be scanned and an ID sticker will be printed for you. If you have no form of photo ID, you will be asked to pose for a photo, give your information and sign your name into the visitor system and an ID sticker will be printed for you. The printed sticker must be worn while you are in the school.

Do I always have to swipe out? Can I exit the school via the cafeteria with the kids going to pick-up in the yard?

Yes, you MUST SWIPE OUT. DO NOT follow the kids into the yard. Exit through the main entrance and SWIPE yourself out. This is how the system electronically logs who is in and out of the school. If you never swipe out, the system will think you are still in the school.

How will this change the check-in process for publishing parties and concerts? 

We will ask parents to remain OUTSIDE before publishing parties and concerts. The start times to these events are designed to give children enough time to get to their classrooms after drop off and prepare for visitors to their classrooms. In addition, the time is designed to keep the main lobby of the school clear of adults from 8:30-8:45 so children arriving late may easily enter the building and the safety agents can visually monitor their arrivals.

A few minutes before the start time of the event, 2 stations will be available for parents to swipe in. Please line up single file, swipe in your ID, put on your lanyard and make your way to your child’s event.

Can my caregiver use my ID?

No, the ID has your photo on it. It can only be used by you. Caregivers can enter the school the same way they do now, by showing a photo ID and registering with the safety agents.

Is the ID transferrable to my spouse?

No, each parent/guardian must have his/her own ID with his/her photo on it.

What happens if I lose my ID? What is the charge for a new one?

Replacement ID cards can be issued. If you lose your ID card, please contact the Parent Coordinator, Allison Sansoucie ASAP. Your lost card will be deactivated and a new card and lanyard will be provided. Replacements cards have a $10 fee, made payable to the PTA of PS 199.

Can a stranger use a lost ID?

A stranger would be able to swipe in your card if it is still ACTIVE. HOWEVER, the photo that appears on the screen visible to the safety agent will show that it is NOT you and the person will be stopped at the main entrance. If you lose your ID, report it IMMEDIATELY to Allison Sansoucie so that it may be deactivated.

Is there a return number or address listed on the ID?

No, there is no return address or phone number on the ID. The ID has the name of our school, PS 199 Jesse Isidor Straus, on it.

Do I keep the same ID year to year?

Yes, keep your same ID card year to year while you have a student at PS 199.

Is the ID deactivated over the summer?

No, it will NOT be deactivated over the summer.

Is the ID deactivated when I leave the school?

Yes, your ID will be deactivated once you no longer have any children at PS 199.

Do I turn it in once I am no longer a parent at the school?

Yes, it would be helpful if parents would turn in their IDs to the safety agents once they are no longer parents at the school. However, it is not required.

What if my photo ID doesn’t match the address information I have on file with the school? Blue emergency card? DOE?

The address information in the CAASS system on the ID cards is used to confirm your identity and not to contact you in an emergency. In an emergency, the school will use the parent/guardian contact information stored with the school’s staff in the main office. (This is a reminder to keep your student’s Blue Card up to date. Contact the main office with any mid-year change to address, phone number, doctor, emergency contacts.)

Do I need it after school hours or on the weekend for extracurricular and other school events? (e.g., PTA mtgs, movie nights, Sports & Stuff)

Yes, you must scan in and out any time you go past the main lobby. This includes going into the school to pick up from Sports & Stuff, PTA meetings, movie nights, etc.

Who decided to put this system in place? How was it paid for?

This system was decided upon by the PS 199 Safety Committee. The CAASS and Visitor Pass Plus systems were purchased with PTA raised funds and the systems have been implemented and will be maintained by PTA parent volunteers. PS 199 Safety Agents will be responsible for the ongoing management of the Visitor Pass Plus system.

Do I have to get a CAASS ID?

No, you are not required to have a CAASS ID. Participation in this system is voluntary. However, you will be required to show photo ID and register with the safety agent each time you enter the building if you do not have a CAASS ID. 

When/Where do I get my ID after the photo is taken?

If photo is taken during the initial launch of the CAASS system or during the registration for new families at the beginning of the year, the cards will be distributed during drop off with dates and times announced via the PTA newsletter. If you are registering at the school mid-year or have lost your ID and need a new one, contact the Parent Coordinator, Allison Sansoucie.

What if there are gap years between children?

Your card will be deactivated during those gap years. You can either hold on to your old ID and reactivate it once the younger child enters the school or get a new card issued.

Where is all the information from the CAASS system stored?

The information is stored on a host site managed by the company Access 411, the manufacturer of the CAASS software. It is not shared. This company is the DOE-approved sole provider of ID card swipe systems for NYC public schools.

Is/are my child(s) information saved/attached to the card, i.e., grade, class, teacher?

No, your child’s information is not attached to the card information.

What other schools use these systems?

Mostly middle and high schools in the NYC use the CAASS system to track students entering and exiting their schools. A few elementary school PTAs, including PS 199, have proactively decided to implement CAASS for parents. This same system is in place at elementary schools PS 166 and PS 6.

Why was the CAASS system chosen and not another vendor on the market?

PS 199 can only use DOE-approved vendors for a security system in the school. Access 411, the company that makes CAASS, is the only DOE-approved vendor that provides ID card scanning security systems to NYC public schools.

How many IDs can my family have? Are there charges associated with multiples if my family requires more than 2?

If you have a special case and require more than 2 IDs for your family, please contact the Parent Coordinator, Allison Sansoucie.