As the biggest fundraiser of the year and representing almost half of the school’s PTA budget, PS 199 relies on funds from the auction to provide critical resources for our kids, including teacher assistants in the classroom, supplies, technology and other enhanced Arts and STEM programming that we are so grateful to have in our school.

We need YOU to make it happen!

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Solicit or Donate Items

Donations are the heart of our auction. We typically have over 700 items in our auction ranging from gift cards, to merchandise, to ski vacations, to one-of-a-kind experiences. Every donation counts and each one is appreciated.

What do we need? Think about opportunities through your local business contacts, neighbors, friends, family and colleagues to contribute unique (or not so unique!) items.

  • Hotels & Resorts: Ask for multiple-night stay + meals
  • Kids Activities: Ask for parties or semesters of classes
  • Unique Adult Experiences: Ask for backstage/studio/kitchen tours, walk-on roles or meet & greets
  • Restaurants & Dining: Ask for group parties / tastings
  • Sports / Arts Tickets & Experiences: Ask for meet & greets or stadium tours / backstage access
  • Beauty & Fitness: Ask for parties or a membership
  • Retail & Shopping: Ask for gift cards

Click the link below for ideas of what to ask for. Please sign up to avoid duplication of efforts. Thank you!
2019 PS 199 Auction – Volunteers and Wishlist

Donation Form

Solicitation Letter and Email

Feel free to customize these letters to help support your outreach:

Other Ways to Get Involved (Konstella)

Only have a few minutes to spare? Or ready to lead a project team? There is a volunteer role for EVERYONE!
  • Class Projects! Every grade participates in the auction with their class projects!  Get involved with this major fundraising aspect and get to spend time in the classroom while allowing your creative juices to flow!
  • Are you a Party Planner? Do you love details and being involved with the logistics of event night?
  • Are you a database geek? We’d love for you to help us create and manage the Greater Giving database of solicited auction items! Sign up for Donations Management!
  • We are looking for volunteers to assist us in writing fun, thoughtful descriptions of auction packages. All writing can be done at home over a glass of wine after bedtime 🙂 Sign up for Donations Management!

Other Questions or Ideas? 

Contact Auction Co-Chairs at auction@ps199pta.orgWe’d love to hear from you!

Karen Kennedy (Isabel and Jake, 3rd grade): Fundraising and Event Planning
Christine Capilouto (Tristan, 1st grade), Solicitations